13 Dangers of Cheap Hosting, Are You Sure You Dare To Try?

When buying hosting, price is one factor to consider. Therefore, you might be tempted to try hosting that is too cheap. Even those that cost less than Rs.100 per year or $1 per year, for example.

Exit… before rushing out to checkout, you need to remember the saying “there is a price, there is a way”. It could be, the service is cheap hosting with fake quality. 

Dangers of Cheap Hosting

Do you already know the dangers of cheap hosting? If not, take a look at the incident that happened to Hotama, a web agency of former fake hosting customers:

Very scary, right? Incidentally this time, we will reveal the dangers of cheap hosting in-depth, if viewed from various aspects.

Without further ado, here is the full article!

13 Dangers of Cheap Hosting You May Not Know

Talking about the dangers of cheap hosting is endless. But at least, there are 12 disadvantages that you may feel as a result of being tempted by hosting at an unreasonable price, namely:

1. Website So Very Slow

The first danger of cheap hosting is that the website becomes slow. You may not realize it when you just subscribed. But try it, the website is a bit crowded with people. Guaranteed, website speed immediately dropped.

That is part of the story of SIT Al Fatih who feels that website access speed is very important.

Back again, many factors cause a slow website. If the hosting is fake, this happens because the bandwidth capacity provided is indeed tight. If you have this, you become emotional and lose time, right?

2. Website Often Down

The next danger of cheap hosting is that the website often goes down. As a result, the website cannot be visited at all!

Generally, the servers used by these hosting providers tend to be fake with outdated hardware and software. So, he can not bear the workload is too heavy. 

We remember an incident, where the website of a service company called Posnetindo used cheap hosting. But unfortunately, the hosting server is so fake that 30 Posnetindo client websites cannot be accessed in a day:

Inevitably, the company was bombarded with a series of complaints from its clients that day.

3. Website resources are easy to run out of

Resources that are quickly depleted can also be a sign that you are "trapped" by fake hosting. Lol, how come?

Because cheap hosting providers are trying to cram as many customers as possible on one server. This causes the server capacity for each website to be not ideal.

As a result, you are not free to manage your website, because you are always haunted by the fear that the server resources will run out and the website will stagnate in performance.

4. Frequently Asked for Hosting Upgrades

When you subscribe to cheap hosting, one of the things you will encounter is a notification calling for a hosting upgrade. It makes sense because cheap hosting resources are not enough to accommodate the needs of a website properly.

But unfortunately, sometimes the cost of upgrading on fake hosting is quite expensive, with the actual quality not much different. Because the technology used for hosting is still old school.

So, even if you want to upgrade hosting to the highest package, website performance will still work in place. So you could say, performance problems on fake hosting will not be solved only with the package upgrade option.

5. The technology is still old

The danger of cheap hosting that lurks next is outdated technology, both hardware and software such as operating systems and web servers.

For example for LiteSpeed ​​web server releases the latest version every year. Of course, this latest version is equipped with more advanced features and improved performance.

Given this, hosting providers must regularly upgrade their hardware and software so that their hosting performance remains excellent and can accommodate the needs of customers' websites.

While on fake hosting, they generally delay using the latest technology. The goal is to keep the selling price low. Unfortunately, it is the customer who ends up being the victim.

So, don't be surprised if the hosting performance is fake and so perfunctory.

6. Limited Backup Options

Apart from outdated technology, another cheap hosting danger that could lurk you is limited backup options. For example, the absence of an automatic backup feature or not being able to back up data completely.

Not infrequently, fake providers cannot provide certainty of the time and method of backup to be carried out.

Even though as you know, backup files are very valuable if at any time your website has problems. At a minimum, you still have a copy of the website's data.

For example, the case of continuation point 2 experienced by the Posnetindo company. After the website can't be accessed, they ask for a backup file from a cheap hosting provider. However, the provider seems to be off the hook.

In short, the price factor does need to be considered when creating a website. However, if you sacrifice the trust of your visitors, of course, it needs to be rethought. Moreover, if your website is used for business or professional purposes.

7. Incomplete Security Features

Uploading a website to a hosting provider is the same as entrusting your goods to someone else. You certainly really hope the website is fine, right?

Well, a 'trustworthy' hosting provider will try their best to protect your website from various malicious attacks. The trick, of course, is to provide layered and up-to-date security features.

Moreover, vulnerabilities can come from various sides. Be it third-party plugins or themes, the website itself, or the server architecture. Therefore, quality hosting must provide complete security features to patch various vulnerabilities.

It's a different story in fake hosting services. It could be, the security features they provide are not so complete. If there are new developments related to security issues, they will be difficult to follow.

So, don't have high expectations about its security if you entrust your website to cheap hosting.

8. Website is at Risk of Interference

Regarding the previous point, the danger of cheap hosting with limited security features, of course, the website becomes vulnerable to malicious attacks. Starting from malware, DDoS, hacks, or other types of cybercrime.

In the end, they still moved to a hosting service that they felt was better. So, do you still want to take the risk by choosing a hosting service that has no clear security?

9. Website Blocked due to IP Ban

It is common knowledge that hosting too cheap is inhabited by spammers. Because they don't need big capital to create many websites and launch spamming actions.

Whereas as you know, one hosting server is usually filled with many customers. In other words, you must be ready to share server resources as well as IP addresses with spammers.

But one day, these spammers were identified and their IP addresses were blocked. The danger is that your website is also prone to be blocked because the IP address is identical to that of spammers' websites.

10. Website SEO Performance Decreases

You know that choosing the wrong hosting causes website access to slow down and is vulnerable to security issues. Well, these two things can cause a website's ranking in search engines to be down, you know!

How not, speed and security are two of the dominant Google ranking factors. Why is that?

For speed, Google will lower the ranking of websites with slow access. The reason is, Google is aware that visitors who come to the website need information immediately, not wanting to linger waiting for the website to load.

As for speed, Google does not hesitate to prohibit or even not give users access to visit websites that are indicated to be unsafe. Finally, the website becomes empty of visitors and its ranking falls free in search engines.

11. Basic Documentation & Guidance

The next danger of cheap hosting is the lack of availability of documentation and user guides. Even if there is, the documentation they have seems to have been made. This will certainly be difficult for ordinary users.

Let alone beginners, even those of you who are already good at hosting and websites still need a complete guide, right? The goal is to make it easier to solve problems on the website independently.

Automatically, you become complicated yourself because you have to look for third-party tutorials on the internet that don't necessarily match the problem.

12. Unprofessional Customer Service

The danger of cheap hosting on this one is still related to the previous point. For example, you've tried various ways to improve the website, but it's still not working.

The last option, you will run to the hosting provider's customer service, right? But unfortunately, fake hosting customer service is usually less responsive when asked to handle complaints.

Instead of the website returning to normal, the CS couldn't even handle the problem. Finally, Ardian was forced to change hosting providers.

This certainly would not have been experienced by Ardian if he had bought hosting from a quality provider. Because quality hosting must provide professional customer assistance who can handle customer problems in a friendly manner.

13. Website Lost Without a Trace

We deliberately put the website disappeared as the last danger of cheap hosting. Because this is everyone's worst nightmare in the field of websites.

But it's not just a dream, it turns out that a website that has disappeared without a trace has become a real horror story for the following fake hosting ex-customers, you know!

Just imagine if this happened to you. It must be sad, angry, and disappointed, everything is mixed into one because the website is just a memory.

So before it's too late, make sure you research before buying hosting. Never even be seduced by cheap hosting with an unreasonable price tag!


In this article, you have seen how dangerous cheap hosting can be. Starting from shortcomings that seem trivial such as slow website access, to even greater losses because the website is hacked by hackers or disappears without a trace. Research Before You Buy, Don't Be Tempted by Cheap Hosting!

If you already understand, hopefully, you won't be tempted again by fake hosting.